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  FastStore is a secure file transfer system restricted to predefined senders.


FastStore solves the well-known problems with secure file transfer caused by:
- The lack of security of email and the size restriction of attachments
- The user difficulties and lack of security with FTP solutions.
- The risk of postal workers and couriers reading your documents.
- Governmental or corporate regulations for sending sensitive information.


FastStore makes it possible to receive sensitive files electronically - fast, easy and secure!
FastStore application


Clients 1 10 20 35
Annual fee ?200 or $260 ?1500 or $1950 ?2625 or $3413 ?3750 or $4875

How it works


1.  Invited clients use the desktop or online application to upload files to Fileflow.

2. Fileflow notifies you by email.

3. Click a link in the email, or optionally let Download Manager download automatically.

4. Fileflow optionally notifies the sender when the files have been downloaded.

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  • Unlimited file size and number of transfers.
  • Customizable appearance and branding.
  • Desktop and online client application.
  • Drag-and-drop files and folders.
  • Specify a folder as mailbox (Hotfolder).
  • Automatic compression without any quality loss.
  • Resumable transfers.
  • Automatic download with Download Manager.
  • 2048-bit RSA encryption, approved by NIST.
  • Secure channel over HTTPS connection.
  • Files are uploaded to our secure data center.
  • Digitally signed email notification system.
  • Virus-check before delievery.
  • Web-based client manager and administration.