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Deleting files does not delete the data immediately, even if the files are no longer visible to you. It is only when the daily cleaning job (09:30 CET) has run on the backup server that the data is deleted. 

Every time you delete files, you must therefore wait until the cleaning job has run before you get free space.

This is specified in your email reports, the Fileflow Backup desktop application and your account in the MyFileflow web portal.

You can only use English characters in passwords.

Fileflow Backup runs  quietly in the background, avoiding interruptions in your daily work . If you want to check that your computer is being backed up, open the Fileflow Backup program.

Click on Backup in the menu on the left. 

A window for the backup progress opens, and after a few moments another window opens with the error message: Another backup job is till running. Backup skipped.

If you forget your encryption key, it is not possible to decrypt your backed up data, and you need to create a new backup. Because the encryption key is never sent in readable form to our servers, it is not possible to retrieve.

Do the following:
1. Log in to your MyFileflow account and click on Fileflow Backup. Sign in with your username and password.
2. Check the box next to your backup set and delete it.
3. Open the Fileflow Backup application and start a new backup immediately.